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Got to finnish up this Scotch thistle wi

Sarah was wonderful to work with from start to finish; taking the time to adjust my concept gradually to where it was just perfect, to a beautiful final product! Sarah's studio is very clean and comfortable, and the process compared to gun tattooing was considerably less painful. Can't wait for my next piece!


The whole experience with Sarah was amazing. Great convo, laughter and gentle tattooing!! I definitely recommend it!!!


A sweet whale tale for a boss babe! Than

this was the best! I enjoyed this experience so so much. I found my self curious about this process and a little nervous at the same time. I was pleasantly surprised that it was so gentle. Sarah is so creative and funny, not only do I love my tattoo but the time spent with her was great. it took 2 weeks and my tattoos was healed perfectly with no probs and not needing any touch ups. everyone should try this. thanks Sarah!



Yay _smousseau67 Thank u for sitting for

Everything. I recommend everything about Just The Top Hand Poke Tattoos. Sarah is wonderful and an amazing artist.


Loving this floral on _preecenator !_Yor

It is always a treat to get a tattoo from Sarah! I have a collection of 4 tattoos designed & poked by Sarah and the experience and the outcome are always second to none. Thank you!!!! ❤️❤️

Kris Michaels

Eekkkkk gave my Mama her first Tattoo to
_lightstasher we did it!! 💐👟_I love th
red wing black bird for my new pal Sarah
Couldn't be happier with this Ladies Man

Sarah’s designs are beautiful! Love her stuff!


this chick has the steadiest hand in town and shes fun(ky) and sexy as all hell!! she got game!


From the consultation (on FB messenger) to the actual appointment, Sarah was open and accommodating. I completely trusted her with my idea and I am thrilled with the result!


I loved getting tattooed by Sarah! Her artwork is incredible and her skill with the needle quite amazing. I'll be getting more tats from her for sure!


I just love these two.jpg
We finally finished this project! waaaho
_Pretty cute for an ugly fish_ said the

Beautiful art and sweet soul. I love my tattoo and my whole experience. Looking forward to the next one?!


Sarah is the most gentle and thoughtful artist. I love my tattoo so much - I came back for more! I highly recommend Just The Tip Hand Poke Tattoos


Sarah has a gentle touch and does beautiful work with crisp details. She’s also just a real good time!


Sarah is welcoming, kind and thoughtful, and also a great artist. She did a beautiful job on my piece, and made me feel comfortable the entire time. Also she’s just a cool dude.


The Fifth Element for _mandymae384 !_tha
Thanks for breaking in my brand new stud

I absolutely LOVED my experience with Sarah! Can't wait for my next Tatt!


It is such a gentle and relaxing experience. She puts so much care and thought into her service. Highly recommended!


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