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about me

Oh Hey There

I'm Sarah

 My partner and I live on a small homestead outside of Perth Ont where we raise chickens and our 4 wild children.

(both free-range)

When I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a tattoo artist I was given the opportunity to apprentice at a local tattoo shop and while my teacher was wonderful I quickly realized that the typical "Tattoo Shop" environment wasn't for me. I wanted to make a space for people to come where they felt safe, relaxed and comfortable. More of a spa environment then a tattoo shop feel.

 So in the fall of 2017 I began to search for another route.

I began doing research into hand-poke tattooing and found a community that was creating safe and beautiful spaces for groups that often don’t feel comfortable in a traditional Tattoo Shop 

So I decided to give it a try, The gentler pace and fine detail of the work was exactly what I was looking for and the often intimate conversations I had with clients was such I gift. It didn't take long before I fell in love with Hand Poke Tattooing.

I identify as Queer, Non-Binary and prefer They/Them pronouns :)

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