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Lesbian Couple with Son



There will be NO space for RACISM / SEXISM / TRANSPHOBIA /

/ HOMOPHOBIA or any kind of hateful or oppressive behaviors.

Do hand poke tattoos last as long as a machine tattoo? 

You bet they do! A hand poke tattoo done correctly will last the same way as a traditional machine tattoo. Just make sure you have an experienced artist.

Do you use the same tools as a "regular" tattoo?

Yes! A hand poke tattoo dose NOT use a tattoo machine or "gun" but instead each mark is poked by hand. I do use certified tattoo inks, needles, washes etc Everything in my studio is Tattoo grade.

Will it hurt more?

No! ​​Most people who have sat for a hand poke have noted how little it hurts compared with traditional machine tattoo. That being said the amount of pain you feel while getting a tattoo has to do with the ability of the artist, where on your body or getting the tattoo, and how high your pain tolerance is.

How long does it take?

​The average tattoo I do in my shop takes between 1 and 4 hours but will depend on size placement and detail.

Do I need to bring anything?

I suggest bringing a light snack and a bottle of water and comfortable clothes appropriate for the location you're being tattooed.

Do you work evenings and weekends?

​As a mother of four, I try to work during the days, that being said I can book evenings and weekends on request.

Will you tattoo other artist's work?

​I will not tattoo another artist's work but I will accept a photo as someone else's work as a reference photo.

Will you tattoo all skin tones?

​You bet I will! I offer free colour swatches which is a great way to find out how different colours will look on your complexion for those with darker skin tones.

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